Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pool Party

The Alligoods have invited the youth over for swimming on Sunday night, August 3rd.  Bring your towels and swim suits for an evening of wet and wild fun.  The action begins at 6:00 PM and ends at 8 PM.  The Alligoods will be grilling steak and lobster for dinner…yum,yum.

Destination Unknown

Those who registered for Destination Unknown will meet in the church parking lot on Thursday,  August 7th at 9 AM and return at 6 PM (approximately).  Parents, please contact Richard to find out more about our activity and to complete forms related to this event.  But please remember, no talking…it’s a big secret.  What do youth need to bring?  I suggest the following:  money for fast food lunch plus $10.00 for snacks and etc. at the event, wear tee-shirt, shorts, socks, athletic shoes, bring a pencil sharpener (no pencils), an egg roll (shrimp are the best), parachute, binoculars (or telescope), spoon, ice cube, digital thermometer, helmet and a spork (I recommend metal not plastic).

Summer Local Mission Project

Our last local mission project for the summer takes place on August 13th.  We plan to volunteer with Religious Community Services on that day.  We will meet at the church at 8 AM and return at noon.   Contact Richard to register as a volunteer.  Space is limited.